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Digital Design Class

Song Writing

Song Recording


Special Topics for fellowship:

Taking Care of One’s Mental Health (SO/Parents only)

Taking Care of One’s Mental Health (YP, SO/Parents also welcome)

A Proper View of Marriage and Relationships


Serving the Lord while in different professional capacities

Description: Come hear testimonies of how saints in various professional capacities continue to serve the Lord. There will also be breakout rooms for each professional capacity (tech, law, full-timer, science, teaching, accounting, health and medicine) for those who have further or specific questions.

Serving the Lord in a job-dropping capacity

Higher Education Basics

Description: Join us for a conversation about going to college for the Lord’s purpose. Topics covered: 4-year and community college, various degrees, tips on how to be successful, and more. If you plan to join, please fill out this short survey (link).