6th Grade

Letter for the parents

Parents & Serving One’s Fellowship Time

Special Word for the Parents


Materials for 6th graders – videos and outlines

The following gospel videos have been prepared for parents and serving ones to help you present the gospel and the need to be baptized to the 6th graders.  The content of the videos and outlines are taken from the material covered at the 6th grade Conference.  You can either use the videos to help you prepare a simple gospel word to speak to the 6th graders or you can use the videos to present the gospel.  As a reminder, pray for the Word to shine in the hearts of the 6th graders and for the Holy Spirit to convict them concerning sin, righteousness and judgment.  Do not force anyone to pray afterwards but check with them if they would choose to respond to the call given at the end of the speaking.  Two gospel videos have been prepared in case some do not respond after the first call and need more time for the Lord to prepare them. 

Mini Conference Messages

Why Do We Need To Be Saved?

Outline for video 1

How To Be Saved?

Outline for video 2

Believe And Be Baptized

Outline for video 3

Parents & Serving One’s Fellowship—2020

New Believers Material

These are additional materials that can be used to continue the care of the 6th graders after the mini conference videos.

Morning Revival and Reading the Bible

Finding a Small Group

Printed Materials