2023 European Young People’s Conference (EYPC)

This year the European Young People’s Conference (EYPC) and Europen Family Conference are open for North America.

Dates: July 30 – August 5, 2023

Official Registration is Now Open!

Conference Fee

$400 USD

Arrival and departure information:

Arrive in Krakow, Poland Saturday, July 29 before 6:00 pm (that means you need to leave from the US on Friday, July 28).

EYPC starts July 30.

The EYPC ends on Saturday, August 5 at noon. All participants from the US will travel Saturday afternoon to Krakow and spend the night there. On Lord’s Day, will participate in the Lord’s table with the saints in Krakow. Book your flights back if possible for Lord’s Day, August 6 in the afternoon or Monday, August 7 in the morning. 

For those leaving Lord’s Day, August 6, accommodations may be arranged. Transportation to and from Małe Ciche is only available from/to Kraków Airport (KRK). If your flight arrives at an earlier time, you will need to wait at the airport until the Conference shuttle service begins.

Please remember that any young person who arrives early or leaves later must be accompanied by a serving one.

Any travel plans made outside of these dates and times will need to be arranged personally by the registrant.

For questions email us at: europe@scyp.com